Taylor Sheridan, creator of Yellowstone tv show


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Jan 28, 2008
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Tornado Alley
He just purchased the 6666 ranch. One of the original mega Texas ranches, along with the King, Y-O, Waggoner and XIT, still in existence.

The Waggoner has been in price as of being split up and sold.
The guy that owns the L.A. Rams bought the Waggoner ranch. I was sort of following it when it was on the market. The price was in the ballpark of $1400-$1500 an acre IIRC which was a freaking steal. EVERYTHING went with it. Minerals, producing wells, cattle, horses, equipment, water wells, lakes, houses (several including a mansion), barns, EVERYTHING.... It was a working business and that went too.

I recall that a judge said it couldn't be split up by the family or some such. There's a ton of history with that ranch and it's pretty interesting. It's sad to see someone not from Texas get it.
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