That’s gotta hurt, karmas a mother….Thugs Robs Elderly Lady


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Jun 13, 2007
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Wish we could have seen the lady getting robbed.

Argentina- A resident of the Villa Maipú neighborhood, in the San Martín district of Buenos Aires, ran over a 16-year-old criminal last Monday who, minutes before and together with an accomplice, had robbed his own mother. The sequence, recorded by a security camera, shows the exact moment in which the thief discards his weapon and, instantly, is hit by the truck that the victim's son was driving.

As the images show, the incident occurred around 7:00 p.m. According to various sources, a woman suffered an attempted entry when she was surprised by two criminals at the door of her house. Her son, aboard a white Peugeot Partner van, arrived at the scene and the thieves fled in opposite directions. But he did not sit idly by and began a chase through the streets of the neighborhood.

A few blocks away, as can be seen in the video of a surveillance camera, one of the suspects discarded his weapon and, immediately afterward, was attacked by the victim's son. "And now? And now? Stay there, don't move”, the driver is heard saying, while other neighbors approached to observe the state of health of the minor. As a result of the strong impact, the young man suffered polytrauma and was referred to a hospital in the area, where he is hospitalized under police custody. While his partner, 27 years old, was arrested by other neighbors and then transferred to the police station.

When carrying out the required tests at the scene of the incident, members of the Buenos Aires Police seized a .32 caliber pistol with the number filed off, which fell into a neighbor's house after the attempt to discard the criminal before being run over.


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