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Aug 1, 2014
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Any news on re-enabling Tapatalk? My participation has dropped off significantly not being able to use it.

Found it.

"There have been some recent concerns lately within the forum community about the security of the data regarding Tapatalk. Tapatalk has access to all data, including private messages. So right now we want to use this upgrade to the newest Xenforo to pause Tapatalk and better explore the concerns before adding it back."

"TT is a third party. They have access to all of this websites data. Private messages, contact information, IPs, everything. Lots of forum administrators are/have removed TT. You might still see lots of firearm related sites in TT because there is a one company, who is now publicly traded, that still uses/owns a piece of TT and they own lots of firearm/hunting forums from some purchases they made over the years. We have lost confidence in TT as it relates to data. If activity drops a little but we know with concern our data is more secure, that's a trade off I think the community might not be happy with but can understand."

"It is not coming back."
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