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Dec 24, 2006
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Had a Friend like yours, back when I covered Wal*Mart I was in the area and needed something TIG welded. Walked into Bob's Welding and somehow become great friends with Bob, I was 45 and he was 75. He was also constantly buying and selling guns so I would regularly get a call that he had something I needed. I'd go by to look at a gun, next thing we were eating lunch at his house, working on something, it was always a great diversion from the hell of Wal*Mart. Bob decided he wanted to learn the "internet" so one day he handed me a wad of cash and told me to get a computer for him, and one for his wife. Many hours later he and his wife were up and running and communicating with family via chat and email, they really enjoyed it, Bob would have gone nuts over forums. Bob had dealt with the Walton family for many years and he had some great stories to tell about the children. His Wife passed, the over development of NWA took his shop, and Bob passed not long after.
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