UK nurse says little blue pill saved her from the Virus


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Sep 8, 2009
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A nurse in Lincolnshire, England caught the Pandemic even though she had been injected with the You-Know-What.
She has asthma and her case of the Pandemic got bad.
She was able to sign a document agreeing to take experimental treatments before she went into a coma in the ICU.
She came out of the coma and was told they gave her viagra and that's how she got better.
She's been discharged from the hospital but seems to have a long road to recovery.
“It was definitely the Viagra that saved me. Within 48 hours it opened up my airwaves and my lungs started to respond,” Almeida told the Sun. “If you think how the drug works, it expands your blood vessels. I have asthma and my air sacs needed a little help.”
...Scientists are investigating whether the erectile dysfunction drug can be used in the same way as inhaling nitric oxide, which can increase oxygen levels in the blood...
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