Urban Pistol and Women’s Personall Protection Nov 10-11 OKCGC


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Dec 18, 2007
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Steve Moses and Julie Tomas will be teaching these two classes and they have great reviews!!!

expressly designed to better prepare our students to deal with potential or actual physical contact with persons whose intentions may range from suspect to overtly lethal in transitional areas such as parking lots, sidewalks, parking garages, and the exterior of malls, large shopping centers and the like where Violent Criminal Actors tend to ply their trade. Violent criminal assaults, whether armed or unarmed, tend to take place at extremely close range, and typically involve the use of ruse or ambush by the attackers in order to close distances and carry out an assault. The nature of these attacks often leaves the intended victim with very little time to process information, and even less time to respond appropriately.

The objective of our experienced instructors is to better educate our students on how to deal with these situations by learning additional skills designed to avoid contact, deter contact, disengage from contact, and when no other options remain, to more effectively respond to a deadly force threat by virtue of a reliable presentation of a handgun from a holster concealed under a real-world cover garment, enhanced ability to handle and manipulate a handgun in a high-stress situation, and achievement of better hits at a higher rate of speed.

This is not a high-round shooting class, but instead a fighting class designed for lawfully-carrying men and women who, as a last resort, wish to defend themselves and their loved ones more effectively with the handgun they have on their person.
Requirements: Brimmed cap or hat, eye protection, ear protection, reliable pistol or revolver, three magazines or speedloaders, quality kydex holster (high-end leather holsters are acceptable), magazine or speedloader pouch, robust belt, shoes and clothes suitable for weather and season, water, snacks, and lunch. 250 rounds of factory ammunition are required.

$150 payable at time of enrollment. Students who are unable to attend class due to last-minute issues will retain $150 credit towards any class we teach for one full year.

The WOMEN-ONLY PERSONAL PROTECTION FUNDAMENTALS CLASS a non-firearms module designed to impart critical knowledge to students who place great importance on their ability to reduce the chances of actual interaction and contact with a potential violent criminal actor or actors. Much of this 4-hour class takes place in the classroom covering proven methods of how to more safely travel through areas where encounter with unknown contacts is unavoidable, and recommended actions for dealing with persons whose intentions are suspect. Topics covered also include pre-event maneuver in transitional areas like streets and parking lots, and simple pre-emptive striking techniques designed for the sole purpose of creating an opportunity to disengage and escape, or buy time to bring a defensive tool into play.

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