Walk A Mile In Her Shoes - Bartlesville, April 17th, 2021!


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Oct 23, 2009
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Ok, so tomorrow is the Walk!

So my group is currently in first place for team members with 21, and TIED for first place in team funds raised at $810! W00T!

Paul Smith, aka @El Pablo, is currently in 2nd place for individual funds raised! If he can get some more funds raised and stays ahead of the other frontrunner, he'll get a nice big trophy and a 2-night stay in a cabin at a state park. I THINK it may be just Osage Hills State Park, but we're checking, it could be any state park. Either way, a nice prize!

So... if anyone wants to register last minute (*hint*hint*), or wants to DONATE to the cause, even $5 or $10 makes a difference, guys! Come on!

Here's the link to MY team - click DONATE or JOIN - runsignup.com/pca

Here's the link to Paul's individual fundraiser - click DONATE - https://runsignup.com/engineeringfeat

Last day for funds donated to count! Come on guys, help us out, we're getting there, working to reach our goal!

Thanks again for all the support, and if you DO donate, please send me a message and let me know so I can get the funds credited properly - something about the donation pages seems confusing and sometimes the donations don't get attached to the proper fundraiser, but we can move them manually.

Thanks guys!

<Edit> Actually if you have a place to put a note on your donation, you can put a note in there that it is for Paul Smith or for PCA (Primary Care Associates).

W00T! Look forward to a good day tomorrow, hopefully it will be slightly warmer than they are forecasting. :D
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