WashPost: Joe Biden’s Gun Control ‘Terrible for Working Class Firearm Owners’


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Oct 27, 2012
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I had mine in my motorhome and was broadsided at an intersection by an SUV filled with Gypsies and before the cops got there, they took everything out of my motorhome while I was unconscious and the last I saw they were scampering over the hills like little mice with my wallet and guns. I filed a police report but the police beat me down and arrested me for not having a driver's license and my court date is after the election-so I'm in jail on hold. I was thinking of joining BLM but I am in no condition to do that at present due to the beatings by the police on a near daily basis. And now there is no need to join BLM since I am already beaten daily.
You may wonder how I saw the Gypsies while unconscious but that's the story I gave the police before they sprayed me with mace and beat me into subconsciousness. Does anyone know Al Sharpton's number? I doubt that he'd come for a saltine anyway. but there is alway hope and that's cheap.
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