Well, I finally done it - Social Security, it ain't social, and it ain't security.


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Sep 22, 2009
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Or a grossly overweight person. We made a trip to one of the SS offices once and of about 8 people in the waiting room, only two of us were of the age to draw retirement benefits. The other person came over to me and asked why those other people were there since they didn't look old enough. I told her that they were disability recipients and that some of them were probably also getting free medical care. I thought that last part because I overheard something to the effect of one of them asking to get a medical appointment.
I’m a fat arse and make it to work. If they cut off the freebies for those turds they would loose some weight and find work. It irritates me to no avail that these pieces of work can collect our money for stuffing their faces.

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