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Feb 11, 2013
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Early 80s, couple weeks before school starts, I take Wif and kids to Mall, for school clothes.

We go to lunch and return to finish shopping.

We go into a store that is mainly girls clothes. The boys sit on the bench out front and we enter.

Walking around the store, I get a serious gas bubble pain. Wif and daughter stopped at a jeans display. A round rack of hanging clothes is behind me. I back into the rack and 'let er loose"

We move a couple displays over.

A rather LARGE [well over 400#] woman goes by, with 2 girls. She walks up to THE RACK. The sizes she wanted must have been on the other side. She spins the rack and disperses the hidden, noxious payload being held within.

" aw my LAWD "

Girls giggling " Momma farted, Momma farted "

She grabs the girls and exits faster than Carl Lewis.

We leave, daughter laughing hysterically.
Get out of stores, my boys come over and ask daughter what is so funny.

She told them, you should have smelt the fart that fat woman let. An elephant couldn't compete with that

Wif tells her to be quiet, " THAT WAS FATHER! "

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