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Dec 12, 2020
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Guthrie, OK
I’ve had many a close calls throughout my lifetime and am lucky I’m still here. The most recent incident occurred 5 years ago in New Mexico.

A friend of mine named Sam lived in the same area full-time; whereas I only spend 3 or 4 months at our place in New Mexico. Well, one Saturday afternoon Sam talks me into going to a bar in the little town of Anton Chico which is totally patronized by the local folks of Spanish ancestry and many speak broken English and some only Spanish. Sam frequented the bar on a regular basis and had become friends with many of the locals. So after Sam talks me into going to the bar that evening, I tell Sam we should invite Steve a fellow from Kansas who has a cabin he and his wife built at their place there in New Mexico.

Steve has a real nice Can-Am side- by- side that has front seats and rear seats and so we decide to take that instead of a pickup. The Can-Am rides like a dream and can flat go down the road. We take the back roads over to the bar since we were consuming some alcohol. This particular country road is twisty and rough and will rattle your teeth in a pickup.

I had not been to a bar in 20-25 years and am not much of a drinker, but that night I made an exception. We ended up having a great time and all three of us got quite polluted that evening and closed down the bar after 2 in the morning.

So we are headed back to our places via the county road and Steve is driving a little too fast and comes up on a sharp curve and hits the brakes and then gooses the Can-Am to navigate the curve. This Can-Am has netting for a door and seat belts, but I had forgotten to close the netting or to put on a seat belt and was holding my dog Sadie between my legs and not hanging on to anything. Well the centrifugal force throws me out the side of the Can-Am. As I’m flying through the air my first thought was, “I’m not going to have time to tuck and roll”. My next thought was,” This is going to hurt!” That was the last thought I had before being knocked unconscious.

Well, Steve doesn’t even know I’m missing and Sam in the back seat taps Steve on the shoulder and says, “Steve, I think we lost Glenn.” Steve does a double take and says, “By God I think you’re right, where did he go?” They had gone about a half mile before they realized I had disappeared.

When I hit the ground I landed on my back and was knocked unconscious. When I came to, my dog Sadie was licking my face and Sam and Steve were standing over me asking if I was going to be alright.

The next day I was sore everywhere and could barely walk. I still suffer some hip pain from the adventure.

Steve and I still have a good laugh about this mishap from time to time. Unfortunately my good friend Sam has since passed away. I accuse Steve of trying to kill me and if I hadn’t been drunk, it probably would have. Good memories with good friends!

Thanks my story and I’m stickin’ to it!


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Aug 25, 2006
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Rogers County
When I was 11-12 my cousin and I were shooting in my trash pile at a pressure cooker, bad idea! I shot it and the bullet ricocheted back at me and grazed my neck on the right side. Two inches to the left and I may not be here today.

Then, I was 15-16 and I was out duck hunting with a buddy. I was sitting on a lake dam and he was standing a few feet away to my left. He is messing with his gun and I wasn't paying attention. I hear the gun go off, my left ear starts ringing, and I see a hole in the ground about six inches to my left thigh. The idiot almost blew my leg off! So, I stood up, and walked home and left him there.

Another time, my cousin and I were shooting a pop can with our .22s, I thought he was done shooting and I walk towards the can, he fired again and I feel the air off the projectile as it flew past my head. Stupid, kid me not paying attention.
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