What do you think this new law will do to crime and do you think it will survive the year?

Roadking Larry

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Dec 17, 2007
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The cops have to go with the flow when the laws change like it or not. The victims will suffer, but the politicians are in it for the votes and the money under the table.

I predict the senior officers will ride out the rest of their time responding only when they’re called and doing the bare minimum till retirement. Proactive law enforcement statistics will drop and crime statistics will rise.

Thanks to the politicians victims will suffer and replacing vacant positions in the departments will become more and more difficult. The departments will have to lower qualification standards for anyone to apply.
I think crime stats will will "improve" If there is no arrest and no criminal to prosecute then there is nothing to report to the crime stats. The libtards can point to their BS numbers and tell everyone how successful their measures have been. Of course anyone with half a brain will realize it is BS but no one from the libtard media is going to tell the truth.
Eventually some citizen or citizens will wound or kill a violent perpetrator and the left will have to persecute the victim(s) for defending themselves.
At some point SSS becomes the law of the land by default.

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