What is this I hear TAXES $$$XXXXX


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Apr 14, 2010
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I just heard the new guy is wanting to tax ammo and reloading components 200%.
and Guns 50%.
I do not like to hear that stuff.

But many years ago it was discussed here and other places that the higher ups would probably
tax our sport until no one could afford to play.

Fast pistol powders and cast bullets will keep you going on the cheap.
Do not forget the primers!!!!

I have a dandy 100gr cast powder coated Red dot load for .308 that does not even change the size of the .308 case.
So that .308 brass case should last indefinitely or until it turns green and gets pitted.

I shot 1 case 10 times and still the same size.
Yes 100 gr ..I am trying to save lead also as that is another costly item.
Hide and watch they have been doing this for a few decades, in many states they don’t want you owing significant land and are taxing people out of it and into the cities .....agenda 21 style

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