What should my next .357mag Smith and Wesson be?


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Aug 13, 2012
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Those locks a affectionately called the "Hillary Hole", it's where the revolver's soul leaks out.
That's probably the best description that I've heard. I know that the newer guns are superior in some respects. For some irrational reason, that hole just bothers me.

I absolutely hate the HH or what I refer to as the infernal locks. I swore I would never own a gun that had one. But...

I found a 640-3 that was all that was available when I went looking to buy so I went ahead and picked it up.

Shortly after I got it I removed the lock anvil inside the gun to disable it. It was my favorite carry gun for over two years and I recently replaced it with something with triple the capacity.

I have been thinking about selling it only because my financial situation doesn't allow me to keep every gun I've owned and even though I don't even think about the lock anymore, it's almost embarrassing to post an ad to sell a gun with the IL.


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Jan 19, 2019
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I completely get that!:thumb:
Kinda like when I go out metal detecting. THey call it treas
I don't know why the locks bug people so much. No sweat off my back. I don't engage it, and have no issues.
Because they were perfectly fine and worked great before the lawyers got involved. It is an answer to a question that was not asked and it was an imposition on the rights of gun purchasers as well as additional manufacturing so more cost. That's why

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