Whatinnaheck happened to muzzle loading pistol prices!?!?!


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Jul 30, 2010
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Whatinnaheck happened to muzzle loading pistol prices!?!?!

Now I'll admit that it's been at least a decade since I looked at a new one,,,
But I was absolutely shocked at the prices they are asking.

i recently hit a deer and have no car,,,
A good friend of mine is ferrying me into town for groceries once a week.

On the last trip he mentioned that he got to shoot a muzzle loading pistol,,,
He went on and on about how satisfying it was to shoot it.

He refuses to take any money for gas from me,,,
So I thought, Those pistols are fairly cheap,,,
I think I'll buy him one as a thank you.

Man was I wrong.

The cheapest I could find for a Lyman Kit was $293,,,
If I want a finished pistol it's $349.

Budsgunshop only has one Traditions for $223,,,
That's the cheapest I've found

When did this happen?

Again, it's been a long time since I looked,,,
But about 12-13 years ago I bought this same finished Lyman pistol from Cabela's for $119.

Just a few years before that I bought two 1858 Remington revolvers on sale at Cabela's for $99.95 each

For $349 (which is much more than I can spend),,,
I could buy any of several nice .22 semi-auto pistols,,,
Or two Ruger Wranglers at the recent sale price at Academy.

i know there isn't any real answer except for rampant inflation,,,
But I was so stunned by the prices I just had to post a rant.

I'll think of a different thank you gift,,,
Maybe one of those $99 Heritage revolvers I see on-line.


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