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Aug 16, 2012
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East of Tulsa
There is a song that starts out with "I got to run to keep from hiding, don't own the the -------- My mind flows to where I do not even hear the real words and swithches to "the bike I am riding, can't let them catch me no, can't let them catch the Kawasaki rider."

I have twisted that song since 1972, don't even remember the real lyrics or the band, think it was the Allman Bros Midnight Rider. Just one more shift to click now, and they will never catch the Kawasaki rider."

I was "invited" as in a sales pitch to take a test drive on a 1972 Kawasaki 750 triple 2 stroke a coupe days before it was officially released in Tulsa. No tag, sticker, no nothing, just got to blast it down the street. Took the mile circle (square) from Action Cycles 4th and Sheridan to Yale to 11 st etc. TPD noticed me at around 80 on 4th street. and turned on his lights as he pulled out. That actually was the last time I saw him. Because I really did not feel I had a need to look back. That bike in its day was a BMF. Two hours after I bought that one, (the second one sold in Tulsa, HODO got the first one.) Drove it 3.5 miles home, ripped the cylinders off and got busy with my grinder to change 72hp to 102-105 HP with the expantion chambers. Ha Ha that was the good old days. If TPD or HP did not get close enough to read your tag (resistor in the light to make it dim at night) ain't no way they are going to "Catch the Kawasaki rider"

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