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Mar 24, 2007
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Yeah, I remember that incident well...the BA tornado.

Pssssh...when travel finally gave Mark Folta the time of day, Mark was all:
"Yeah I'm uh under the bridge now hanging from the rafters!!!"

Apparently Travis subsequently publicly apologized for his wrong doing..
(and pretty much endangering his spotter.)..but it definitely wasn't THAT night.
But yeah, not a trace of Mark after that incident...
Now of course hes over at KJRH Tulsa ch2

Eh, btw...where DO ya' know Mark from? The music scene or whatevs?
Just curious...I played in several bands along side him back in the day. lol
Me and Mark(Rat) have alot of mutual musician friends and other friends plus Ive known his brother Mike for many years playing in foosball tournaments together but I never played with music with him as I was into heavier stuff than they were.

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