Where have you gone that is the farthest from home?


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Jan 19, 2019
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In my 8 years in the USAF,,,
I had one of those "Join the US Armed Forces and see the world" jobs.

I was one of a very small AFSC that maintained unmanned seismic sites worldwide,,,
My job entailed a slew of temporary duty (TDY) assignments.

Sometimes the TDY's were wonderful,,,
Six weeks in Jamaica staying at a nice hotel,,,
Drawing over $50/day extra pay and working about 2 hours per day.

Other times they were dismal,,,
7 weeks living in a tent in South Korea,,,
Eating old Army rations and being wet 24-7.

But, I did set foot down in 37 different countries and 49 states,,,
I've never been to Rhode Island.

Again sometimes it was land, get driven to the embassy basement,,,
Repair a data transmitter, and leave that same day,,,
Other times it was like a paid luxury vacation.

I have family who have never crossed their state lines,,,
And for some reason they seem proud of that.


In reference to Rhode Island. You didn't miss anything. I drove through the state in 15 minutes. Actually, my passenger told me about ten minutes into the state we had crossed the state line. Yawn. I guess I blinked.

Trung Si Ma

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Feb 10, 2021
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Barstow, Yermo, Riverside, and March AFB. (Gallant Eagle) in March of 1982. Gallant Eagle was the absolute biggest Charlie Foxtrot I've ever seen except for the previous two Charlie Foxtrots which really soured me on the army. Peacetime army sucks.

Read about it here

I was in the Medical Service unit at dropzone Silver. We had two streamers there. Sickening!

I was a jumpmaster on the third C-141 in the serial.


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Dec 31, 2013
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Logan County
The thread on who has lived in Oklahoma their entire life got me to thinking. The only time I have lived outside Oklahoma was when I was in the service. I believe even then I was considered "resident" of Oklahoma, so would that mean I had lived here my whole life, or not?

I also got to wondering how far some have traveled from home.

For me it was South Vietnam when I was playing hide and seek with some of Uncle Ho's neices and nephews.
Born and raised in Oklahoma and have lived here with the exception of a 9 year span from 1995-2004 living in Arizona and NM.

Farthest I've traveled from home was to Nome, Alaska . . .


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Dec 8, 2008
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Enid, OK
When I was about 10 years old, we left Claremore, Oklahoma to go visit my maternal grandparents who lived in Port Orchard, Washington.

We saw Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

I remember taking the ferryboat across the Puget Sound to Seattle. Saw all the fish and produce markets, dug for clams on the beach (it was so cold!) and we made a big ol pot of clam chowder.

I remember taking a tour in Portland of a naval vessel that was recently decommissioned. I don't recall which ship it was, but my father talked a lot about it.

I also remember the golden gate bridge, the redwood forest, Juarez, Mexico (for about 5 minutes) spending the night in Las Vegas and my 16 year old brother having a meltdown because he had to babysit me and my older brother in the hotel room while our folks played the slots. I also remember throwing up at the grand canyon and wading in the gulf of Mexico at Galveston.

It was a helluva trip!
Once I was on the USS Missouri and saw where the Japanese signed the surrender. That was in Bremerton. I was a teenager at the time.

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