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Jan 19, 2019
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She is learning the leash and had her dethatching session today with the shop vac and the dog comb. Jesus! The more I combed the more I got. I stopped after an hour. The shop vac was running about 20 feet away so she got used to that real fast. When I used it on her, she was OK with it until it sucked her skin. She didn't bite it, just twitched a bit. I put my finger over the end of the tube to keep it from grabbing her.

Leash training is necessary for city life. She has a thought in her head and acts upon it fast like wanting to go visit the neighbors that just came outside. I'm glad I held the leash. She yelped and turned a 180 when that collar grabbed after she took off. After that, I had no problems helping her heel and guiding her while praising her when she was not pulling and walking next to me.

We played a bit after the leash training and she curled up on a throw down blanket next to my chair and took a snooze. She woke up and went outside to do her business. She's already got a spot behind the shed where she pees then hops into the flower bed to poop. She does have some bad habits like sneaking food off of plates by hopping on chairs.

We just took a walk around the neighborhood on the leash and didn't have any problems at all. It was great and she kept up until she had to pee.

Oh yeah, Mani is her new name. It fits her.

She sure is a chow hound.
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