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North East OK WTS: Pedersoli Blackpowder Rifle and Shotgun


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Jun 5, 2020
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Bartlesville, Oklahoma, United States
I don't use these and can't seem to find the time, so time to move them along.

Item 1: Pedersoli 1860 Volunteer Target Rifle .451 caliber (Unfired)
Unboxed and have never shot it.

Comes with:
- 5 lbs of Goex FFFg Powder
- A block of SPG Bullet Lubricant
- 1000 Schuetzen musket Caps
- Package of 9 pound Onion paper
- 45 caliber paper patch template
- gun sock
- The tang peep sight kit (not pictured)

Does not come with: A Box (the box disintegrated when I unpackaged it).


Item 2: Pedersoli SxS Classic 12ga
This has been shot some. Patterned it with 6 shot and hunted a few times. The barrels are chrome lined so it cleans up easy and has no rust inside.

- 2.5lbs of FFg Goex black powder (It's probably closer to 3lbs, but I've opened one to shoot a few times)
- A leather shot pouch
- Some prelubed cushion wads
- (I think i still have some overshot cards, but I'll have to verify, might have been thrown away)
- box


Would sell both together for $1200.00
Possible trades:
- Beretta 92s (9mm)
- Beretta Px4's (9mm)

I'm in Bartlesville, but willing to drive a bit to make things work. Probably willing to ship if you're an established member and you cover shipping costs. More pictures available upon request.

sxs.jpg sxs_accessories.jpg volunter_rifle.jpg volunteer_accessories.jpg
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