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    Default New Browning Micro Midas

    Oooh, me likey very much...

    I love 16" leverguns.... this, Marlin 39TDS, Marlin 336 Marauder, Winchester 94 Trapper, etc.

    Anyone else drooling?

    Only problem is - and it's a fairly big one - that it's a youth LOP rifle (12") - bah. You'd have to add a slip-on recoil pad if you want to scope it, and probably even if not scoping it.

    What on earth makes all rimfire manufacturers think that adults want the dead weight and un-handiness of a 20-24" bbl on a .22lr, when the bullet reaches max vel at about 14" for standard-vel ammo, and 16" for hi-vels?

    If anything, the youth rifles should have the longer barrels, to keep them quieter for the kids and help with their sight radius while they're still learning irons, and leave the 16" rifles for the adults. That would make sense as for tube-mag capacity, too. The kids need more ammo, because they're out and about plinking more, and presumably miss more, not being as polished.

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    Default Re: New Browning Micro Midas

    I saw at the gun show. Very nice
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    It always seems like I'm trying to contain an outbreak and your taking the monkey to the airport.

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    Default Re: New Browning Micro Midas

    I like your way of thinking. It seems as if the logic working against us is probably the same retarded logic that determined the multitude of cartridge caliber names that have nothing to do with the actual diameter of the bullet in the cartridge, even though bullet diameter is the basis for cartridge designation. It's wonderful.

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    Default Re: New Browning Micro Midas

    Though I see your logic, I love long barreled lever guns. I miss my 30" 1873......

    No, it wasn't handy, but it sure was pretty.
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    Default Re: New Browning Micro Midas

    Henry makes a youth version with a 16" barrel & 13" LOP.

    I've got an adult version with 18-1/4" barrel. It's the one on top. Bottom rifle is a Puma M92 .357mag w/16" barrel...

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