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    Default 3031 IMR in 45-70

    Is 56.5 grains of 3031 safe in 45-70 with a 350 grain Hornandy in front . My manual says 60.0 is compressed this load seems compressed to me . Loading for a 1972 Marlin model 1895 .Thanks..

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    Default Re: 3031 IMR in 45-70

    One of my 45-70 recipe is with 3031, it's proven quite accurate.
    I don't think I was using as much though, I want to say 48 grs powder and a Lee cast 340 gr maybe.
    I just moved and all my stuff is stacked in the garage or I would offer to check my data.
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    Default Re: 3031 IMR in 45-70

    56.5 grains is the starting load according to my old speer manual , It makes for a pretty full case . I dont know if you could even get 60.0 grains in there . My manual is from the mid eightys , it is the only book I have that even has data for 350 grain bullets . 60.0 grns is the max in this book . I am in the right section for modern lever guns , not ruger no.1 and such. Just seems like ALOT of powder to me .KInda nervous about pulling the trigger on these . Starting to dought my scales . Never had a problem with revolver loads and I know they can be double charged . Thanks again .

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    Default Re: 3031 IMR in 45-70

    The hodgden website still sounds like a lot though. I only load for an 1874 Pedersoli.
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    Default Re: 3031 IMR in 45-70

    Most manuals I have looked at max out around 55 to 57 grains . Im pulling these down and starting over at 44 to 46 grains then working up from there . I dont need the maximum velocity out of this rifle just good accuracy out to around 125 to 150 yards , not looking much further out than that . This is my first time loading 45-70 , gonna take it real easy at first .

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    Matt Basterson

    Default Re: 3031 IMR in 45-70

    man, that's a lotta poweder to use up, i load 13 grains of green dot, i don't use any filler material, and these loads are hot enough for any job i might come across.

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