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    Default Re: Palmetto State Armory AR-15 Review

    Quote Originally Posted by MoBoost View Post
    Nice build, and excellent range report.

    Sorry if ignorant question: what's the point of BUIS if you have to use tools to get the optics off?
    Sounds like a legitimate question to me. One that I had to weigh pro's and con's to myself. IMO mounts like this are going to lock down better. Larue can talk all day til he's blue in the face about how great his mounts are. I'm sure they are and I'd love to have one, but I still think if it bolts down it is going to lock down better.

    With that said, the likelihood that something is going to happen to the optic is pretty slim so to me it is a calculated risk I am willing to take. Also, I always carry a multi-tool with me so even though it is not as quickly detachable as a quicklever mount, I can get it off pretty quickly.

    I'd rather have them on there and have to spend an extra 5 seconds getting the optic off then not have them on there and have the means of getting the optic off if I'd had the BUIS anyway.
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    Default Re: Palmetto State Armory AR-15 Review

    What is your opinion of the quality of the PSA lower?

    What else have you owned that you are comparing it to?

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    Default Re: Palmetto State Armory AR-15 Review

    I would say that PSA lowers are on par with the others out there.
    I've owned/had experience with Bushmaster, Rock river arms, CMMG, Colt, Quentin Defense, Panther, Spikes and of course PSA. In my opinion they're all quite equal as far as quality of the lower is concerned, I've never had a single part not fit properly onto any of those lowers I've mentioned and they've all performed as they should.
    The only real difference I've found with any of them has been the quality of the engraving on them. Spikes has the best engraving that I've found so far, it's nice and crisp and looks very well done. PSA's engraving isn't too bad, but it's not as crisp as Spikes.

    When it really comes down to it, most of them will perform well beyond what you'll probably need it for so the only thing to be really nit-picking about would be the price and the picture on the side.

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    Default Re: Palmetto State Armory AR-15 Review

    Holy crap, those are some good deals on complete uppers! Thanks for turning me on to those. I will definitely be going with PSA rather than BCM or CMMG for my 20" CL gov't profile build... they sell the same thing for about $170 cheaper. That looks to be the lowest price around on a complete mil-spec upper with all the features from the chart. A FN barrel... it doesn't get any more mil spec than that. And it will match up well with the lower I just ordered from PSA. As soon as my buddy gets back from Afghanistan and pays me the money he owes me, that sucker will be on order!

    I am also wanting to put that same MI 12" handguard on it that you have. I would go with a Troy too, but they don't make them in 12", which I need since I want it on a 20" rifle with the factory fixed front sight. I just talked to a guy at PSA and he said they couldn't sell me that 20" 5.56 FN upper with that rail (which is strange since they sell other 20" uppers with it), so it looks like I would have to buy it separately and put it on myself.

    I thought about that Vltor A5 stock setup, but I will probably just go with a CTR kit since it's cheaper and does everything I need.

    Thanks for the write-up.
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    Default Re: Palmetto State Armory AR-15 Review


    Thanks for the write-up and range data. I have been looking for something different for an upper to mate with my Plum Crazy Lower. Your review got me interested in PSA's offerings.
    I did more research and found nothing but great reviews on their equipment. Decided to go with your same upper after doing some research on the Wylde system and chrome barrels.
    Ordered Monday, web page says they will build the peice and ship with in 7 days. I am glad I stumbled across your review.

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    i am working on my first SBR which i want to use a Adams Arms 11 inch upper, but finding one is near impossible, so i was seriously thinking about going with the PSA upper in 10.5. i just hope that i can really find the Adams Arms first, i am still waiting for my lower to be finished then send the money to the BATFE, for a rather long 3 month wait.

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