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    Default Best price on a Mosin-Nagant?

    Looking for a Mosin-Nagant. They're on all day long for $110. Can they be had for less? If so, where?
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    Default Re: Best price on a Mosin-Nagant?

    Keep an eye on the Classifieds for a milsurp extravaganza courtesy of yours truly in the next week or two.

    By "extravaganza" I mean maybe half a dozen or so, but the point still stands.

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    Default Re: Best price on a Mosin-Nagant?

    Anybody local have them in stock currently? I've always wanted one.

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    Default Re: Best price on a Mosin-Nagant?

    Big Boy usually has a few in stock.
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    Default Re: Best price on a Mosin-Nagant?

    I just got one locally at C&J i think it is called in bethany its was $159 awesome condition Hex reciever and they had some round receiver for cheaper

    also that price included the Bayonet, amo pouch, tool kit that is specific for rifle and sling

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