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    Default Value of Caspian 1911

    Hello all, It's my first post and if it's in the wrong place I apologize! I shot competitively in the Navy for 6 years at Damneck in VA. Offhand .45, 1-3 & 500 yard M1A/M14. I'm currently retired from the canoe club and build custom tube guitar & bass amps for a living( and took a Caspian 1911 in trade for partial payment about 5 years ago and forgot I had it until recent move. It's flawless, super clean and looks new. It's Serial # 52593(age?) and looks to be stock except for a stainless Kart 45 NM barrel, which may be stock for one. I'm considering moving it but have no idea what it's worth and can't scroung up any info online.

    Thanks ahead of time.

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    Default Re: Value of Caspian 1911

    Got any pics?

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    Default Re: Value of Caspian 1911

    I'll take a few........also meant to add that I tried the search & came up with nothing so don't shoot me!

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    Default Re: Value of Caspian 1911

    We won't shoot, if you give us a discount on some amps.

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    Default Re: Value of Caspian 1911

    Discounts are easy 348, if you seriously want an amp give me a shout. Here are a few pics. I also noticed that looks to have a stainless guide rod & hammer. Might be polished metal for all I know, just wondering if it's stock. Also the trigger is light, I'd say about 2.5-3 lbs. I'm guessing that it's the basic carbon(not titanium or stainless) receiver & slide. Anyone have an idea of value?
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    Default Re: Value of Caspian 1911

    Welcome to the forum!!
    I'm no Caspian expert but I'll make some observations.
    No beavertail.
    Small 3 dot sights, not adjustable.
    Nice grip frame checkering
    standard safety -not ambidextrous or custom
    Hammer is upgraded
    some work to the ejection port
    Very nice barrel
    I imagine the trigger is nice since Caspian is a quality brand used in custom guns.

    I wonder who built it? Did Caspian make just parts or did they ever offer complete guns?

    I like it. Looks like a sleeper.. mostly stock with a few nice touches. I'd say at least $750 value, maybe more.
    Now I'm curious.
    Anyone have some more informed ideas on this gun's history and value?

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    Default Re: Value of Caspian 1911

    I got a Benjamin w/ your name on it, Craig!

    Kidding (not really). I have no idea how much it's worth...I say, keep it!

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    Default Re: Value of Caspian 1911

    Caspian does not build assembled guns. I hate to be a wet blanket, but the value depends entirely upon who built it, and if it's not a well-known builder, it's not worth a whole lot. I say that as somebody who builds his own: nobody knows who I am, so I'm probably building $500 guns out of $1500 worth of parts.

    It's a nice looking pistol, but unless you can prove a high-end provenance, it's probably not worth a whole lot. Sorry if that's a let-down.

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    Default Re: Value of Caspian 1911

    Thanks to all who took the time to educate me.. I'll be shopping it around the gun show Saturday. Thanks again.

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    Default Re: Value of Caspian 1911

    ....Welcome to OSA.

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    Default Re: Value of Caspian 1911

    Build quality is critical. If it was carefully fitted with good internals and everything is in spec, it will be worth quite a bit. If not, then it's worth less. So long as the main components aren't trashed in any way, Caspian makes top quality parts and it would have a decent value on that basis alone.

    Just keep in mind that most folks wanting a custom Caspian would want a beavertail, extended thumb safety and upgraded sights over the King/Tappan's on it currently. Having that work done would cost quite a bit extra, so be mindful of that when considering a sale price.

    This type of gun is one of the most difficult to place a value on. In the end, it's dependent on how much you think it's worth and whether that coincides with what the buyer thinks. Good luck and welcome to the forum!

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    Default Re: Value of Caspian 1911

    This thread is an example of what makes OSA great.

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    Default Re: Value of Caspian 1911

    It appears that somebody took alot of time and fitted it very well, Obviously with out seeing it in person it's hard to say exactly but, it appears to be a quality job. I would guess, you should be able to get somewhere between $500 and $1,000 dollars. Remeber a new Colt can be bought for around $700-$900 and up, A new Springer for $600-and up. Caspian only builds parts and it seems that a frame and slide go for around $600-$700. As somebody mentioned since it has a Kart barrel which is probably $200. Somebody probably spent $1000-$1500 to build a pistol that you probably won't get that much for. I would suggest checking out Gunbroker and seeing what comes up.

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    Default Re: Value of Caspian 1911

    Is the frame Caspian too? Can't tell for sure from the pics.
    Beware of sarcasm!!

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    Default Re: Value of Caspian 1911

    Yes it's caspian as well. I'll post how it goes at the show.

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