1. CL34

    North East OK 
    1. For Sale
    .223 green tip 400 count

    In a bind and I need to sell my ammo. One bag is 300 rounds, but ill cut into another and add the other 100 rounds. Firm on price.
  2. Revolvers4Life

    WTB 45-70 Ammo

    Looking for factory 45-70 ammo, just for target shooting so nothing specific. Can buy outright or trade for guns/other ammo, just let me know what you are looking for. Checked ammoseek and hardly anything is available regardless of price, basically just a couple types from different shippers...
  3. C

    Oklahoma City 
    1. For Sale
    12 GA and 7MM REM MAG AMMO

    I've got 200 rounds of bird shot target ammo and a bandolier with 28 00 buckshot and 28 birdshot. $100 for the 12GA and $20 for the 7MM
  4. CL34

    Hello Tulsa

    Hello there. I’ve been trying to find a place to sell ammo since I’m in great need of cash. I’ll go by the rules and not post a classified ad just yet, but I’d appreciate if people could message me and tell me where I could sell ammo. Every market app has taken down my post. Sorry if this isn’t...
  5. Revolvers4Life

    1000 FMJ and 200 JHP 9mm

    Not a bad deal, $448 including shipping and tax for 1000 rounds of brass FMJ and 200 rounds of hollow points from Palmetto. Equals out to 37.3 cents per round including the shipping and tax and the hollow points...
  6. JCCrawford

    Oklahoma City 
    1. For Sale
    1911 Taurus 9mm

    I am selling my Taurus 1911 Frame 9mm. I am also including 200 rounds of 9mm ammo. The firearm has never been shot. Purchased it February 2022. Selling for 675 dollars.
  7. M

    Oklahoma City 
    1. For Sale
    7.62 x 54r surplus $225

    440 rounds / $225 unopened can of surplus ammo. was going to use for Mosin but will be selling also. 440 rounds
  8. dc4ou

    Oklahoma City 
    1. For Sale
    Dillon Die Set 223 10839

    I have for sale a set of steel rifle dies - 3 die set from Dillon Precision. These dies have never been opened and are still sealed. $115. Dillon has them on back order for $140 plus tax and shipping. Text me at four zero five 203-830four
  9. Dadfish

    Oklahoma City 
    1. For Sale
    300 Win Mag - 104 rounds

    Mixed rounds, 20 are Norma blue tip (photo) ammo case included. Sold gun a year or so ago. $200.
  10. G

    1. For Sale
    Lowers, ammo and silencers for sale

    I have good amount of billet lowers for sale at $100/each. Also received 2,000 rounds of 5.45x39 Wolf 60gr FMJ. Priced at $.45/round. Finally it’s silencer time- Rex Silentium .22 silencers are $300. I do all paperwork for you. NO CHARGE FOR STORAGE, PAPERWORK OR TRANSFER. Ask about...
  11. J

    North East OK 
    1. For Sale
    9mm ammo!

    2000 rounds of 9mm fmj. winchester, Remington, federalsome aguila. Pickup in broken arrow area .40c/rd firm. Text only 9188048151
  12. B

    I want 38 special ammo- Norman

    Hey all I am in search of some 38 special ammo, and I live in Norman. I would be interested to hear if anyone has some for sale. This will be used as a new gun owner goes through a training course and learns the ropes. In other words, raw power is not a consideration at all.
  13. J

    S&W 340/342PD

    Looking to purchase Smith and Wesson 340 and/or 342PD in good condition. Please let me know what you have you can text me nine 1 eight six 4 5 6for five seven. Im located in Tulsa Thanks
  14. Rizion

    Want To Buy  30-30 ammunition

    Looking to purchase some 30-30 ammunition.
  15. Revolvers4Life

    Hold on to your Ammo

    Every day I see posts asking what price you should sell ammo for or people wondering if they should sell to make a few bucks. If someone is on the fence, I would suggest you just hold on to what you have, I don't see the days where I could go to Academy and easily pick up whatever was on sale...
  16. T

    Looking for .223

    Looking for quite a few rounds in Tulsa broken arrow area aside from the usual academy, bass pro, ect. thank you
  17. S

    Looking for FnH 5.7 x 28mm AMMO

    Looking to buy a couple boxes of 5.7x28mm ammo or some bulk
  18. tou860


    Hey all, just wondering if you guys found any good BLACK FRIDAY GUN DEALS on ACCESSORIES! Will to help the gun community I will post up my find: PRE-BLACK FRIDAY DEALS! They have some awesome deals on triggers, was looking at the POF trigger for my AR-15 Pistol...
  19. tou860

    Federal HST's 124 GR Sale!

    Link is below, you can thank me later.
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