“ Take a kid shooting “ Xmas 2020 (Now Christmas 2022) edition

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Jul 1, 2021
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Del City
In the true spirit of Christmas I’d like to make sure the kiddos who need it have ammo to go the the range with their dad, mom, papa .....

I’ll have to dig thru the black hole I call my garages but I’d like to offer up a brick of 22LR ammo to any needy kid. Posting proof here in this thread is not required but I’d sure get a kick out of seeing a couple of pictures.

must be an established member and / or someone who I don’t think is a turd taking advantage.

Must be picked up in the Tulsa / Jenks area.

If anyone else wants to post up a brick for a needy kid please do so. Last couple of times we did this we ended up creating quite a few priceless memories
While I can't do ammo, I always try to ask parents of kids if they would like to try my weapons.

Kids always go to the Vector CRB, so I give them the 30rnd mag from kriss.

Unfortunately all I have is .45acp, 7.62x39, 40cal, and 5.56

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