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Oklahoma City 4 old 285 75 16 AT


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Mar 14, 2008
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i have 4 old tires to get rid of, Pathfinder, a discount tire brand ,made in the USA ..date code is from 2009,they still have about 1/4 inch tread above the wear bars, no damage EXECPT on the bead where the rim sits, all 4 have the same damage and will need tubes to hold air..no side wall cracking,these will work off road at low speed just fine,,LT 285-75-16 and are E load rated.,,10$ each ,,$40 for all.text only ,phone messed up.if you are concerned the tires will slip and destroy the tube,(it happened to me,panic stop and the old good year workhorse tire moved tearing the tube valve stem) u can run bead locks off road (some states bead locks are not legal on road, i dont know about OK) or can buy a rim screw kit from Jegs 11$ that will stop tire from rotating on the rim(this is what some drag racers do),i would do that but i dont want to drive these old tires on the highway.and they are too big for me.


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