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North East OK Antique, old, and new shotguns rifles pistol

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Dec 9, 2021
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Tulsa, OK
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Oklahoma, United States
"Relative is no longer able to use these and frankly needs the money more than the items. These are selling pre-estate. Asking prices are listed at each item, cash only unless we make other arrangements. No credit cards. Prefer face to face between Muskogee Bixby and Henryetta. May travel if buying an expensive item or multiple items. Will want to see an OK driver’s license, I will NOT record it but must ensure you are an OK Resident. Will not ship anything, do NOT even ask.

I am between Muskogee and Tulsa. Sometimes travel to SE Oklahoma.

I will work first come first served through PM. I will let you know if someone is in front of you and I will mark as pending or sold. I will not update sale pricing on this listing.

I am trying to correctly identity and price everything but may make errors. If you are interested send a PM. Worst case is Family will decline, you will not hurt my feelings.

If I give a barrel length I am measuring from the receiver to the end of the barrel I am not removing barrels and measuring from tip to tip.

I ask you to please understand I have been working 60-80 hours per week for the past year so I may be delayed in responding. Please accept my apologies up front. I will respond in the order received. Thank you.

Marlin's 100 year commemorative edition model 336 rifle chambered in .35 Remington. 1870-1970. This JM stamped rifle was made by the original Marlin company. Overall condition is good. It shows wear on the metal consistant with moderate field use. the wood is very nice, great patina. Rifle bore and muzzle are in great shape. Relative bought it about 14 years ago for a black bear hunt, targets, and because they wanted a 35 REM. Front sight hood and rear sight are there, has a decent sling. It does sport the 100 year commemorative medalion on the right side of the buttstock. Still sports an original Marlin buttplate. Has older 336 style scope mount in VG condition and a Hawke 3-9x40 scope mounted. Comes with four boxes of factory ammunition. It is a nice package. $1200.00

Browning Light Twelve, 1954 L13xxx, barrel says Made in Belgium. Star Asterisk, Special Steel 12GA shells 2 3/4”. Round butt pistol grip, wood is very nice, this has been a loved shotgun. The bead on the barrel has been replaced but the barrel is ribbed and vented. Very nice leather sling. Asking $1250.00 (my feet were free and just seemed fitting)

Colt’s Pt F A Mfg Co Hartford CT U. S. A. 10 gauge rabbit ears. 9XXX Model of 1878 manufactured in 1881 per serial number. Mechanism locks up but I would NEVER fire it. Local Smith said it was safe for BP or low pressure but previous owner said NEVER! This one is complete! Proper buttplate, very good patina and no rust. This lived with a Colt collector I knew for a few decades and with our family member for about five years. I do not believe this one has been up for public sale for a very, very long time. Roughly 28” barrels. $10,000.00

Browning Lightweight Twenty, Browning Auto 5, 1958 (first year introduced, 8Z), **$, 2 3/4” shells. Wood is very nice, round pistol grip knob. Has vent rib. Very good shooter! Nice sling. Not pristine but is field ready and honest. Gone.

Browning BPS changeable chokes, has one installed. I believe made in 2004 (MW121). Invector- Plus BOS Special Steel 12 GA 2 3/4” and 3” Field Model 28”. Nice leather sling and vented rib. Not pristine but good looking. Has been used for bird hunting! Asking $700.00

Early Model 67 with Buckhorn sight. Stock is shiny and in good shape. Rifling is very good, relative was shooting this recently. $300.00

Early Model 69 Made between August 35 and September 37 based upon the safety, sight, and takedown screw. Wood has marks from use, metal is very good. Has the proper Winchester peep with the reverse thread. Has an original peep and the front shroud. It comes with two original five round, one Winchester 10 round, and one aftermarket 15 round. Rifle performs flawlessly! Have been shooting Short and Long Rifles with no problems. Cycles excellently with all magazines. Barrel is in great condition. $800.00

1962 Model 94 30/30. Owned by same person for more than a decade but I cannot lock down a timeframe. Was used for plinking in the backyard. Very nice condition with few signs of wear. Asking $1500.00

1951 Model 94 30/30. cannot lockdown how long it has been owned but believe it to be closer to 20 years. Used for plinking and some hunting. Good condition. Asking $1600.00.

Ruger PC9 carbine 9mm, Black Synthetic Chassis with Aluminum Free-Float Handguard, Magpul adjustable stock (factory), Pine Creek 3-9x40 (I believe) scope mounted. Includes original box. Has very good, simple sling. Takes G19 magazines comes with 17 rounder, two drums and I found a stick with a case. Original owner, very low round count. $950.00

Ruger American 223 bolt action 223 with factory and two PMag magazines. Lyman made in USA perma center scope 4X. If you buy the rifle and you want the muzzle flash hider it is $20.00. Have box. $650.00

12 gauge Long Tom shotgun. 160XXX. 12 gauge choke, long barrel. Good shooter. the original LONG TOM shotgun was mfg. for Sears and Roebuck by Crescent Arms Co. in the early 1900’s and is the only made single shot with LONG TOM stamped into the receiver. $275.00

Trapdoor with period correct original bayonet and scabbard, sling is new production. I believe 1873 production. Modified Buffington sight. Two bolt, two ring. Correct rod if not original. Family put $1,100 due to the correct bayonet, scabbard, spring tool, and rod.

Rock Island M1911 A2 Subcompact BBR 3.10 45 ACP. Two magazines. Has been shot and was carried a couple of times on a wheelchair. $525.00. Sold



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