Are there any vacation destinations for shooters?

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Aug 7, 2009
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Rough Creek Lodge in Glen Rose, TX. They have all the shooting sports and it is a beautiful place. Rough Creek Lodge and Resort™ A Luxury Resort Dallas Getaway
I’ve been there and it has first class accommodations and dining. The hunting was pen raised birds and not all that challenging. The guides planted birds and knew exactly where to flush them. That said, it was fun and we did get to shoot a lot. It was kind of funny to see Chukars roaming around vehicles in the parking lot at the end of the hunt each day.


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Dec 9, 2008
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Ponca City Ok
Dove hunting in Argentina and enjoy some excellent beef and wine.
I’m thinking this is a winner. Buddy went there. Low brass 20 ga in semi auto shotguns. After two days, he couldn’t shoulder a firearm as it hurt, so the took them trout fishing. Biggest trout he had ever seen.


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Nov 24, 2023
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Oklahoma City
Since shooting and in particular, taking classes is one of my favorite things I love to travel to train anytime I get away by myself (i.e. without kids and family).

There are a few instructors I like and trust not to put out garbage so spending a weekend in a new place learning from them is awesome, especially if I have friends in that state or city I can stay with or visit (or take the class with).

Pro-tip: Have your ammo mailed directly to your friend in town or the instructor if flying. 500-1,000 rounds is too much for checked luggage but the 100-200 rounds left can fly home.

Often, I'll drive so that I can have my truck and bring all my gear like backup guns (it sucks to be 500+ miles from home and have the gun you wanted to use for a 2-day class go down hard) plus different battle belts or chest rigs for pistol day versus carbine day etc.

There have been a few times I've been able to get away and do some clay shooting with a range rental while with the family. Heck if guys whose whole personality consists of golfing can squeeze in golf on their vacation why can't we get some shooting in?


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Dec 10, 2021
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Are there any vacation destinations for shooters?

I'm wondering if there are any places for shooters,,,
Like there are for golfers and other sports.

Somewhere you book a nice room at the facility,,,
Avail yourself of the food & drink amenities,,,
Go shooting at various rifle/pistol ranges,,,
And maybe take a few shooting classes.

I know about the Whittington Center run by the NRA,,,
But I was wondering if something more resort-like out there.

Whittington is a bit Spartan for a vacation,,,
I couldn't find any mention of a restaurant on premise.

Some of their cabin facilities are reasonably priced,,,
But again just a bit Spartan with no bathroom or shower,,,
Apparently there is a central shower and toilet facility that is shared by them.

It would be ideal to wake up in the morning,,,
Head to the facilities restaurant for some breakfast,,,
Attend a course in long-range rimfire techniques and practice.

Come back to the "lodge" for some lunch,,,
Maybe a quick nap.

Then either go out and practice what you learned that morning,,,
Or perhaps attend another class in precision pistol.

Then head back to the lodge for a nice dinner,,,
Perhaps a few drinks at a bar,,,
To share your alibi's.

You get the picture,,,
A vacation lodge for shooters,,,
Like those lake lodges in Minnesota for anglers.

It's probably a pipe dream,,,
But surely as popular as shooting is in the USA,,,
Someone out there might have established a business like this.

Anyone know of one?


I’ve often thought that there ought to be a “semi-retirement” (over 55) community where there was shooting ranges, fishing lakes, clubhouse, modest pool for cooling off, without tennis courts, golf courses, and snooty neighbors. No mansions, just real folks in normal houses with plenty of elbow room. I’d move there, and it must be in the south.

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