Bed time burps

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Dec 9, 2008
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Ponca City Ok
Super random but here goes.

While I always wake up on my back, I fall asleep on my side. Sometimes left side sometimes right side. This isn’t political. But I usually start on my right side and if I don’t fall asleep quickly I roll over onto my left side. So here’s the weird thing; EVERY single time I roll over from my right side to my left side, it causes me to burp.

So I think you all should try this. I know this thread is going to get a lot of traffic so please be patient and make sure everyone has a chance to chime in as this will be a very, VERY thrilling topic.

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Actually, not so sure I should have jested so quickly, but the guy at the sleep number store that was in his 50's probably and pretty thick said he rolled all over the bed all night. He didn't mention burping exactly but did say he snored. I'm wondering if a short snore episode could be mistaken by your wife as a burp?

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