Darn it--- short throat .223

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Beautiful Mulberry

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Feb 18, 2023
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Shot this rifle again yesterday.
This time it was a little more windy but not awful.
This load is H335 at 25.5gr in Norma cases with 50gr V-max bullets seated 2.255" and CCI 450 primers.

.440" center to center for 4 shots sent as quick as I could get them on paper.
Shot #5 I let a friend shoot and he shot at a shoot and see target and nailed the center.
Here is the 4 shot group from yesterday.
Shooting off a wobbly plastic fold up table. 104 yards.
I sure like the solid concrete benches at the Lexington WMA range.

I shot other loads and found you really need to apply same pressure to the stock as free recoil vs solid against shoulder will string the shots horizontally in this rifle.
Pretty dang good! I was at LWMA yesterday for most the day. Has a lot of fun


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Aug 13, 2012
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Only had to buy a couple tools I have never pulled barrel or stuck one on until this.
But the JB weld has been my friend for decades and the flimsy stock most swap out and toss the flimsy one.

My mind works different. If I am going to toss something in the trash anyway then no harm in trying to tweak it for the price of a burger meal.

You sound like you could've been one of the NASA engineers from the Apollo 13 mission that made the CO2 scrubber from miscellaneous stuff aboard the space craft.

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