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[4Sale] For Sale or Trade Rifle, Handguns, Receivers

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Jul 1, 2005
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Partial trades (listed at bottom) considered, but cash is king. I like Colt and S&W and…? Shoot me an offer, the worst I can do is say no.

Please text (9 1 8 – 2 6 1 – 3 1 5 1) if you would like to see pictures, have questions, want to make an offer, etc.

I am North of OKC. I have time tomorrow to meet.

Anderson AM-15 Receivers (5) New N/A Multi Mil-Spec $50 each

FN FiveSeven New 5” 5.7x28 Blue $950

LWRC REPRII LNIB 16” 7.62x51 FDE $3,100
One magazine, Harris bi-pod, Blue Force sling, Surefire light, Larue light mount, Offset iron sights
38 rounds fired. I will not be able to get the box until next weekend.

Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan New 2.5” 454 Casull Stainless $1100

Taurus Thunderbolt New 26” 45 LC Blue $950
Second one I have bought and never shot…

Wilson Combat Receivers (2) New Multi $120 each

Thanks for looking!

Possible Trades:
Beretta 81 or 82 32ACP USED
Beretta 87 22LR USED
Colt Anaconda 4” NEW
Colt Commander 38Super USED or NEW
Colt King Cobra 22LR, 4” NEW or USED
CZ-75B 9mm Bright Stainless USED or NEW
Girsan MC14T Lady, Ported NEW or USED
GLFA GL10 30-06, Pursuit Green USED or NEW
Glock 20C 10mm USED
Holosun 509T X2 Green Dot USED
Holosun EPS Full Size 2 MOA Green Dot USED
Kel-Tec P-32 32ACP USED
Ruger SP101 327 Federal Magnum NEW or USED
S&W 13 3” USED
S&W 16 32H&R Magnum 4” USED
S&W 24, Pre-Lock 44SPL USED
S&W 27 3.5” USED
S&W 40 USED or NEW
S&W 610, 4” USED
S&W 617 22LR, 10 shot, Pre-Lock 4” USED
S&W 66, Pre-Lock, 2.5” USED or NEW
S&W 332 2” NEW or USED
S&W 431PD, Pre-Lock, 2” USED or NEW
S&W 432, Pre-Lock, 2” USED or NEW
S&W 632, Pre-Lock, 2” USED or NEW
S&W 696 USED or NEW
S&W Revolvers Ported USED or NEW
“Smython” 4” or less
Springfield M6 Survival Rifle 22Hornet/410 USED
Springfield PC9111 9mm USED or NEW
Snake Charmer II .410 USED
Staccato XC
Taurus 454 Casull lever action rifle
Trijicon SRO USED
King size Mattress Firm or Extra Firm NEW
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