Help with Army Reserve pay issue

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Jul 19, 2020
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So here’s the scenario…
My son finished his active duty enlistment in Colorado as a combat medic toward the end of August. Since then, he started drilling with the Army Reserve unit at Fort Sill. He was told to expect his reenlistment bonus and drill pay to be forthcoming in the next 30-60 days. Since that time, he has drilled multiple times, and not received any pay.
After going up his chain, and talking with the people at DEERS, and going up as high as he can over there, he is apparently still stuck in limbo showing up as in the reserve with his unit at Sill, but not showing up as in the reserve at DEEERS (where the pay comes from). He has exhausted both chains, and has even made a request at the IG office to get this resolved.
Is it time yet to start hitting up politicians? Where should he go next? How is it that every other member of the military is able to get their pay sorted out except for him?
Any good advice on the matter would be much appreciated. I never once had an issue getting paid when I was in, so this is super weird uncharted waters for any help I might be.


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Oct 27, 2012
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He'll get his money but it may not be hen he wants it. For you Army guys, I have found that the Army doesn't take care of it's own as well as some of the other branches. I found this to be true during the Vietnam era. I hope over the years that things have changed.

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