Here it is again, censored this time: “From Forum Foes To Friends”

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Oct 1, 2012
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Guymon, OK
Had a little bit to much to drink last night and posted this. It got taken down for the word that is censored even though we all know what that word is. If you don’t know then I guess you should have been there. This one goes out to @JEVapa and @pstmstr 🥲

“From Forum Foes To Friends.”

In the realm of the OSA Forum's digital lore,
A tale of conflict, bitterness, and more,
Pstmstr and Jevapa, their feud did ignite,
In the depths of cyberspace, they'd fight.

Jevapa, in anger, with words unkind,
Called Pstmstr a name, not hard to make,
"Pi***tr" was the term, a venomous jab,
But little did Jevapa know, the price to grab.

The moderators laughed but without much delay, They banned Jevapa for 24 hours, A consequence faced for that unkind name, A virtual punishment, a moment of shame.

But Pstmstr, in a twist quite unforeseen,
Decided to bridge the gap in between,
He drove to Elgin, with a heart sincere,
To Braums they'd meet, their tensions clear.

Underneath the neon lights they'd find,
A chance to heal, maybe a combo meal,
Two avatars now face to face,
In the real world's embrace, their strife would erase.

They talked of the forum, passions, and more,
Shared their stories, on the coffee shop floor.

A handshake, a smile, the tension did ease,
Friendship blossomed, like a gentle breeze,
For in the digital world or life beyond screens,
It's understanding and kindness that truly redeems.


Oct 1, 2012
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Guymon, OK
In the world of Jevapa, so zany and grand,
Two rivals did quarrel in a whimsical land.
Pstmstr and Jevapa, in a rhyming spat,
Decided to duel, now imagine that!

"I do not like your way," said Pstmstr with a glare,
"I'll show you, dear Jevapa, it's only fair.
You may think you're clever, you may think you're slick,
But with words, I'll outwit you, it'll be quite the trick!"

Jevapa grinned, a sly grin on their face,
"I'll match all your words, we'll keep up the pace.
You may be a wordsmith, with eloquence so fine,
But I'll prove I'm better, that's my bottom line!"

So they traded their verses, both clever and bright,
With rhymes and with rhythms, they continued the fight.
Through wordplay and wit, and cunning, you see,
They battled for hours, with great revelry.

Their duel raged on 'til the setting of sun,
But in the end, they found it quite fun.
For Pstmstr and Jevapa, in words they did dabble,
Found common ground through their whimsical babble.

In the style of Dr. Seuss, this tale now does end,
With the lesson that words can make us good friends.
In Jevapa's world, they both came to see,
That through rhymes and verses, their hearts could be free!


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