Just musing on selling my CZ-512's,,,

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Jul 30, 2010
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I'm slowly but surely paring down my herd of rimfire fiery-arms,,,
In the past two years I've gifted away six rifles,,,
And sold a few safe queen handguns.

In my late 50's and 60's I was finally able to afford to buy almost anything I wanted,,,
Consequently I made a lot of spur-of-the-moment gun purchases,,,
Often shooting the gun for only a few hundred rounds,,,
Before I cleaned it and stored it in my cabinet.

I would like to get the rifles down to just a few:

Long range (200 yards or more) bolt-action .22 LR,,,
I have a CZ 457 Varmint AT-1 for this purpose.

Medium range (max 100 yards) semi-auto .22 LR,,,
I have a CZ 512 rifle that does this well enough.

Plinking rifle (50 yards) semi-auto in .22 LR,,,
I have a CZ-512 carbine for this purpose,,,
It's scoped now but I might remove it.

Youth rifle for training my adopted Niece and Nephews,,,
I have a Crickett rifle that is very suitable for this,,,
And a Beretta NEOS Carbine as well,,,
They cover this need nicely.

But since CZ has discontinued both of the 512 semi-auto's,,,
And Beretta has discontinued the NEOS pistols,,,
I'm considering going to 10/22 clones.

With them I know I'll be able to get any parts I would ever need,,,
The aftermarket supply line and support is incredible.

This is just idle musing at this point in time,,,
Probably brought on more by winter doldrums than necessity,,,
But the point of factory support and parts availability is a real concern for me.

In about a week I should have all of the components for a nice 10/22 build,,,
It's a gift for my best friend who has supported me through an illness.

I'm gifting him the components so he can have the fun of building it,,,
But I hope to be there sharing the experience with him.

If we have good success in assembling a precise shooter,,,
I'll have more confidence in going the 10/22 clone route for myself.

Well, enough rambling for now,,,


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El Pablo

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Apr 5, 2007
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Honestly, at 72 years old,,,
All of my rifles have more precision than I can utilize.

I'm just worrying about parts in case something breaks.


I don’t think that’s worth worrying about. Maybe if you were trying to keep them and shoot them another 50 years. Buy a spare for parts ;)

My 90 year old 22 was able to be fixed.

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