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Looking for calves

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Josh P

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Jul 2, 2023
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I’m looking for a couple steer or heifer calves, prefer angus. I can buy outright or would prefer to do some trading with guns.
Located in Ponca city but willing to do some driving for the right calves
You wanting some just weened, full angus or baldie? Are you just planning on feeding them out, or are you looking for some heifers to keep. I’ve got some out near elk city if you’re still needing some, just kinda depends on what you’re needing. If you’re just wanting cheaper beef then you can just call Tubby down at the Clinton sale barn or his grandson. They feed out a lot and do a good job, for a lil more you can get a half wagyu from them and that beats a lot of it. Anyway I’ve got show cows to commercial. I’m not really looking to sell many but I’d you’re not wanting a lot I can help ya. I for sure have some steers, heifers I’ll have fewer since I’m keeping most. I have some young bulls too. I’m gonna be weaning soon so if your just looking for some to make some money in the gain that’s always an option.

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