My father's knives (RIP)...

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Jun 12, 2005
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I thought I'd start a new knife thread instead of bogging down the other one.

As most of you remember, I lost my folks within 10 days of each other back in June of 2018. I miss them both every day.

I credit dad for starting me on my path of where I am today. Dad wasn't a huge EDCer, although we all are to a certain extent. The average Joe carries the EDC trifecta...wallet, keys, phone.

While pops never carried nor owned a cell phone, he dide tote keys, a wallet, a handkerchief, a pocket knife, cigarettes and a cheap Bic lighter every single day of his life. He also carried a small tape measure and one of those little circular 4 way screwdriver things that was made of a thin steel about the size of a half dollar. The older crowd here will know exactly what I'm talking about.

Anyways, he did give me my first wallet, handkerchief and pocket knife. He said a man should have those three items in his pockets at all times.

Dad wasn't a big handgun type of guy. He was more into bolt action and lever guns. But he did love knives. Old Timer and Uncle Henry were his favorite brands and I was lucky enough to get a few of his before he passed.

This is an Old Timer Deerslayer. He bought it at a yard salei, but ddn't carry it very often. He said it was too long and cumbersome.

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Next is an Old Timer two blade slip joint folder. He used this knife A LOT! He had a basket mounted in front of the handlebars of his 4 wheeler, and that is where this little feller resided. I need to give him a good scrubbing and oiling.

View attachment 302437

Next up is an Uncle Henry liner lock that he wore on his belt every deer season. I was with him when he bought it back in November of 1979, the first year we moved from Claremore to the Holdenville area. I think he paid $12.95 for it.

View attachment 302438
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And lastly, I was fortunate enough to own his EDC pocket knife, a 3 blade Old Timer. He used this knife for EVERYTHING! The proof is in the pics...

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Thanks for indulging me a little show and tell of my old man's blades. They are some of my most prized possessions
Very cool. Thanks for sharing!

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