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North East OK Ruger Security Six.

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Jun 16, 2009
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Oklahoma, United States
Near perfect, has had approximately 50 rds down the pipe since it was made in 1986, the previous owner says he has the original box and grips at his house “somewhere”?? He is currently in a nursing home on a temporary basis and does get to go for days out some,( he is sane and competent) I can’t guarantee anything but if he does come up with it I’ll pass it on to any buyer or will hook y’all up together to make arrangements. With that being said I want 600.00 as is and the box/grips would be a bonus for you !? Price is firm as I have my eye on something else here in the classifieds and if it sells first then I’ll pull this and keep it a while longer and try to get the box/grips myself, FTF in the Tulsa area and no trades at this time, text is best 918-695-3808


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