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Oklahoma City Safariland/Blackhawk holsters

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Feb 19, 2010
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Ammo, mags, holster, gun parts..No small kids no matter how good they are at washing dishes!
73078, Piedmont, Oklahoma, United States
Trying to thin out my holster collection, I have several duty holsters of guns past sitting in the closet.
1. Safariland 6280-6832-131 for Glock 34 (gen 4) with rotating hood stx tactical like new $50
2. Safariland 6390-3832-411 for Glock 21 (gen 4)
Stx plain like new $50
3. Safariland Glock 17 paddle holster w/light like new $25. - SOLD
4. Blackhawk Epoch holster for Glock 17 w/light
Used but not abused, mainly just dusty $50. - SOLD
5. Blackhawk duty holster for 1911 w/ light (this might be for old school Blackhawk light but I can’t remember) great shape $40
6. Safariland duty holster for Glock 17 gen 4
Used but still looks to have some miles left on it $15 or maybe a box of 9mm and a pack of hubba bubba. -SOLD
I’d be willing to trade for other parts for either Glock/Sig p320 full size, mags, 300blk or 5.56 ammo?? Let me know what you have. Really looking for p320 full size holster w/light if possible but you never know. FTF in Okc area.


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