What to do instead of buying a new gun,,,

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Apr 7, 2009
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For my own part it appears buy a new to me vehicle has supplanted my desire to ad to my Savage 99 collection or get another BP1885 clone. And I see a really nice 22 Hornet up in the for sale threads which is KILLING me.

Same sentiment, only it’s paying off my mortgage early.


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Jan 19, 2019
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Buy the wifey a mother's ring.



Then you can buy all the guns you want to whenever you want to.


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Dec 9, 2021
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Tulsa, OK
AND - Chicks dig scars!!!!!

I told two different surgeons this, my Wife rolling her eyes and cringing, both female surgeons dying laughing. Wife did ask one of them to take out about 10-15 pounds of fat from the middle. Doc never lost a beat, he’s hotter than 95% of my patients. I do hope she was also joking around, if not, I do humbly feel very, very bad for women!


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Nov 7, 2021
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So here I am,,,
Recuperating from a surgery,,,
And finding that boredom is very dangerous.

A clean credit card and on-line gun stores,,,
They are the devil's work no doubt.

A few weeks back I got the itch for a new rifle,,,
So I posted that I was interested in purchasing a Chinese SKS.

I had one back in the mid 90's,,,
Purchased at a gun show for a whopping $99.00.

I just remember it being a very fun range toy,,,
And ammo at the time was very affordable,,,
Alas I had to sell it to make ends meet.

Anyways, I already own 41 handguns and 16 long guns,,,
I don't have any kind of need for a Chinese SKS,,,
I just liked the one I had and wanted another.

Fortunately for me the prices have gone way up,,,
One gentleman on this forum offered me a nice Norinco,,,
His asking price was very fair by my research but still wowed me a bit.

After I added the price of the rifle ($400.00 minimum),,,
Along with the cost of a crate of ammo for it,,,
I decided that I really should pass on this.

Then the thought hit me,,,
I don't really want to own another SKS,,,
I just wanted to have the thrill of shooting one again.

It's the same for me with a lot of rifles,,,
I really would like to put a bunch of rounds through an M1 Garand,,,
Same for many of the classic WW-I & WW-II rifles I have owned in the past.

In short, I came to the realization that I don't need to own any of these rifles,,,
I just need to entice my friends who already own them to share a bit.

How to do that?,,,
Well here's how I'm going to do it.

I texted a friend who happens to own a nice Yugo SKS,,,
I asked him if he would like to go to the range,,,
And shoot a couple hundred rounds on me.

He said "sure."

So I went to sgammo.com and ordered,,,
240 rounds of Privi Partisan mil-spec ammo for $159.50 + shipping.

We'll go to the range,,,
Punch some holes in fun targets,,,
Both of us get to have some good range fun,,,
And I'm only out the cost of ammo I would have incurred anyways.

Another friend of mine has a very fine M1 Garand,,,
I haven't contacted him as yet but I'm positive he'll be happy to do the same.

I was at my range (Stillwater Rifle & Pistol Club) one day,,,
Some one down the line touched off an absolute cannon of a rifle,,,
Turns out it was a beautiful double rifle in some HUGE cartridge I can't remember.

I introduced myself and expressed my sheer admiration for that double-barreled beauty,,,
And offered to pay for the ammo if he would let me touch off a few rounds,,,
It cost me $20.00 for four rounds but man was it worth it,,,
And having done that I never need to own one.

In the past I've had friends ask,,,
"If I buy a box of rounds may I shoot your .44 Magnum?"

I've always said yes to them,,,
It's not like they are going to wear it out.

I've had friends ask,,,
"If I buy the ammo will you take my kid plinking?",,,
Again, I've (almost) always said yes to that and was very happy to do it.

I do own quite a few fiery-arms,,,
But very few "exotic" guns.

A friend who wanted to do a project rifle,,,
Bought 40 rounds of 8mm Mauser ammo for my K98,,,
He wanted to "feel" the rifle before he actually bought one to trick out.

Anyways, I do think this is a viable solution to just wanting to shoot a particular gun,,,
Not unlike renting that FN P-90 on my birthday for several years,,,
Just firing a couple of hundred rounds through it,,,
Satisfied my P-90 Ya-Ya's very nicely.

Just an idea to ponder on,,,
Certainly not a new idea at all,,,
But something that's a potential win-win for all involved.

Whaddaya think?


Instead, buy me a gun and I’ll let you shoot it until I move, and I will smoke you pulled pork and ribs whenever you want 😂


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Feb 11, 2013
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Great idea

Shooting something new, different is what EnS is all about.

I don't have fancy, rare, exotic but my .30 Carbine Ruger Blackhawk was quite popular at a small gathering.

I, too, have taken new shooters and taught them to shoot. Unfortunately, the excitement can lead to an entitlement attitude. The worst wasn't a teenager, but a 22 yo, from Australia. Had never SEEN a gun, for real. He wanted to shoot everything. Did not bring the AR out until the end. He makes 3, slow, aimed shots; then 30 round mag dump. Reaches for another mag and I mention he has shot over $150 in ammo.

On the way home, he was happy, excited, thankful, appreciative and apologetic, not realizing how much ammo he had been through. Let him know, that I brought it to shoot and was happy he had a good time.

My problem with the Aarond plan. Some of those others I shoot, I end up wanting and buying.

Real world problems


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Mar 24, 2019
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Isn't that what is known as "Garand Thumb"?

My great-uncle Bantie,,,
The one who brought back my K98,,,
Lost the nail of his thumb that way in WW-II

He always joked that he didn't get a purple heart,,,
Even though it happened during a fire-fight,,,
Because the Army doesn't give medals,,,
For a personal screw-up.

Thanks for posting,,,
And helping me to alleviate my boredom.



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