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Thread: Varget in stock

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    Default Varget in stock

    At heartland outdoors. I bought 2 pounds left 3 in the cabinet for the next person

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    nice dude!
    I bought 2 of the three; left one!

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    I do not like to buy 1 pounders unless i can get at least 3 of the same batch number.
    The first pound i got shot great in my 308 with 42.5gr.. the next pound i got wanted 43.5gr to match that first load.

    I get them in 8lb containers now..I hate working up a new load trying to find the sweet spot.

    Can't believe they still had them there after the first post Mechanicalmehem left

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    They have more if you look up shelves. The are in boxes. I got some from there too.

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    Default Re: Varget in stock

    What was the price?
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    Basically $30 a pound....

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    Bass Pro in Tulsa had over 10 lbs of Varget in stock @ $30 per. Also had 1 lbs of WST. Also had quite a few CCI and WIN primers @ $4.99 per 100, some less.

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    any one metering Varget well with LNL by hornady on their AP press ? If not what you use? hand measure?

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    I was rcbs uniflow powder dump and trickle up... now I use a chargemaster.... I keep all the stuff around to do by hand in case I lose power I can still reload....

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    I don't think Varget meters well with anything. Too big of a kernal. That said, it shoots great!
    -OU GRAD


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