C-Seeds, Disciple Pack (Watch the YouTube Short)

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OK Corgi Rancher

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May 14, 2020
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Greater Francis, OK metropolitan area
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***GONE FOR NOW. I may have some more next week.***

I have a few extra dozen. If any of youse guys local to the Francis metro area (or from wherever...I don't care if you wanna come get 'em) wanna stop by I'll hook you up. Probably have 3 dozen available...maybe 4. No charge...but if you have any empty cartoons I'd take one or two of those off your hands.

Depending on how many folks want some I might limit them to 1 or 2 dozen so more can have some of the farm fresh goodness. So many guys here have been really good to me so I'd like to give a little of that good karma back in a really small way.

Send me a PM or text if you have the number.


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