Cased another pair of pistols

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Jul 30, 2010
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I was wandering around Academy the other day,,,
Wasting some time waiting for a Doctor's appointment,,,
When I see a Plano Protector case for the small price of only $9.89.

The idea hit me that I have two very small pistols,,,
That would probably fit inside that single pistol case.

Anyways Good Peoples,,,
Meet Scylla and Charybdis,,,
Taurus 22-PLY and Taurus 25-PLy.

A Rock and a Hard Place.


I used the foam that came in the case,,,
But I inverted the pieces so the "egg-crate" shape,,,
Is on the case-side and the guns are sandwiched between the flat sides.

I cut some poster board to fit the foam inserts,,
Spray glued the poster board to the original foam inserts,,,
And then used Gorilla Tape to fasten the red felt pieces to the poster board.

It didn't come out quite as nice as I wanted it to,,,
But the final product suits me well enough,,,
It did give me some ideas for my next try.

Anyways, about the guns themselves,,,
I bought them when I was on my rimfire/centerfire collecting phase.

They were cheap enough to buy,,,
Each pistol with an extra mag,,,
Came to just over $200.00.

Honestly, I ordered them both on a whim,,,
Buds had them, I wanted them,,,
I purchased them. :blush:

Just for the heck of it,,,
I carried the .25 ACP version for a while,,,
But It isn't any less bulky than my trusty Ruger LCP,,,
So I eventually transitioned back to a much more effective cartridge.

The up-side of these guns is,,,
They just don't jam!

Now granted,,,
I take 10 minutes before each range trip,,,
To clean and lubricate these two little "Greek Evils",,,
But when I bought them I also bought 500 rounds of ammo for each.

I have fired 300-plus rounds through the 25-PLY,,,
It hasn't malfunctioned even one time.

I'm well into the second 550 round bulk pack for the 22-PLY,,,
It will start to have fail to ejects if you don't keep it clean,,,
It doesn't have an ejector so depends on the blowback.

But even then it fires a 50 round string every time without one fail,,,
Every time I have taken them to the range.

They are my James Bond pistols,,,
I Just Like's Ownin' 'em!



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