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Clinger “Stingray” kydex IWB

Discussion in 'Gear Talk' started by druryj, Jul 20, 2018.

  1. druryj

    druryj Sharpshooter

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    Jan 16, 2010
    Yukon, OK
    As far as kydex holsters go, you can get a cheap one where some guy just folds it around a pistol and maybe uses a screw for adjustment of how tight it is. Or, you can spend more money and get something pretty nice. For small pistols, I like minimalist kydex holsters with a single clip. I don’t see the need for a big wide hybrid that wraps around my waistline. I have been using RM Holsters “Lowrider” mostly but I decided to try Clinger Holsters “Stingray” for the Walther PPS M2 I have recently acquired. Clinger claims that this holster pulls the pistol in tighter than others do because they place the clip further back on the holsters body. And you know what? It works really well.

    I also like kydex for storing a pistol in; it won’t get rusty or funky like it will if you leave it in a gun rug or a leather holster for a long period of time. And I like a single clip minimalist rig for the easy on and off it provides. So with this, I get both features. Cool. Anyway, I ordered this off the Clinger website last Sunday, it got here today, and it was like $45, shipped. The holster is nicely made; edges are rounded and buffed, the details are also molded well. It’s made with 0.80 kydex; not to thick and not too thin either. The holster is sturdy, but it is still a minimal design. And, you get a little bag of extra hardware too!

    Now that I’ve decided to keep this PPS M2, I’ll be ordering a nice leather IWB and OWB for it, but this kydex rig will do the job until then. So anyway folks, here’s some pics; we all like pics right? [​IMG][​IMG]As you can tell, the holster can be set up as a lefty too, just move the clip! You can adjust the CANT easily as well. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]In the last pic, you can see they cover the mag release button as I asked them to do as well. Also, you see the holes on the left side to switch over to a LH and to set it up either straight drop or forward CANT. Overall, I am pleased and feel I got my money’s worth with this holster. It will serve me just fine while I wait on quality leather from either Sparks or TT Gunleather or Tucker or UBG or...
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