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[Sale/Trade] Custom Rem. 700 6x47 Lapua, updated price. DEAL PENDING!

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Jun 26, 2013
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Moore, Oklahoma, United States
I had a un expected expense come up and am looking to recoup some $, that said the prices are what they are I ain't giving nothing away so do not bother with stupid low offers, if you have a reasonable offer PM or text me, and I don't want any trades. I will get up pics soon or you can text me at, four 05651055 zero Can meet within reason of OKC metro for guys out of town.

Custom 700 (E series receiver) built by Matt when he was at Butch's guns in Woodward. Chambered in 6x47 Lapua, 24" stainless heavy barrel threaded 5/8x24 (brake not included should be a Hawk Hill barrel (with a small chance it could be a Bartlin) and 1-7" twist). PST007 HS precision stock, fitted for Magpul bottom metal with two 5rd mags. Has been fired 229 rounds that's all. Comes with 101 loaded rounds loaded with 105gr Berger VLD hunting bullets and H4350, very sub MOA rifle/ ammo combo. Also has another 98 pieces of brass, and Redding type-s match die set. Rifle comes with steel pic rail, 2 mags, ammo, dies and brass no optic included in the price, $1100 or if you want it with the scope $1450

(thats a $800 stock alone!) PST007 – Remington 700 BDL Short Action Rifle Stock .

I will also include a fresh box of 100 Berger 105 VLD Hunting bullets too.

The scope can be had for extra but not included at the $1100 price

Forgot to mention it has a Jewell adjustable trigger in it

I will take a glock 9mm or 45acp and cash in trade.


Did you have this gun built?
No, but I know Butch personally and when I went up to sell him some custom knives he had just took it back on trade and offered it to me. He had it built for a good customer and guaranteed the round count was 200 and the load that came with it was optimized for it when I bought it. I got it with 130 loaded rounds, and shot 29, it has 229 rounds down the tube. I use to have a spot of private land with long shot possibility that was sold off so the rifle sits. I gave $1600 for the rifle, $200 for the dies and $55 for the box of bullets plus tax.

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