Did I do something stupid? a 45 for a 10mm?

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Nov 25, 2014
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My wife picked my Glock 29 from a range of pistols I took to the range. Being extremely disappointed she didnt pick one of the many 1911s in different flavors that I took, I tossed some Underwood HPs in to "make sure she was ok with it even using the defensive loads she should carry it with". She was still a crack shot. Follow up shots did slow a smidge but she never looked or said she felt out of control of the weapon and she even said she liked seeing it blow a little fire out the barrel haha.

I really enjoy shooting the G29, but I actually prefer to carry something closer to 1911 Commander dimensions unless I just cannot conceal it. It gets most of its time out of the safe during the summer if we will be at the lake or some other place where dress will be lightweight and water or sweat will be present.


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Jan 19, 2019
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Is there a rest of the story or do we tell Paul Harvey to get bent on this one?
It took another two weeks but he finally called me and the trade took place. I bought some factory 10mm FMJ but as soon as I got home I started this COVID Sht. I have decided the back grip structure for my hand is the number 1. I can change them out randomly, not looking at the numbering on the little back strap and then I draw the weapon with my eyes closed and bring the gun up to my eye level. Every time I got a great dead on sight picture it was with the number 1 grip angle.

I am having a problem with the flared magwell. It hits a nerve on my third finger on my right hand and is just uncomfortable. I may have to go without that feature. I'll figure something out when I get rid of this damn cough.

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