INFO ON: "Rimfire Jamboree" ENS at Big Boys Sunday Feb 2nd

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This is just an announcement. Please DO NOT reply in this thread; this is for INFORMATION only in regards to the upcoming Groundhog Day Rimfire Jamboree ENS on Sunday, February 2nd at 10:00 AM at Big Boys Gun Range. The main thread, and the place to make comments on this event is at:

I went down to speak to the owner, Mike Blackwell, at Big Boys Guns, Ammo, and Range this morning. Mike is a very fine guy, by the way. I told him we were expecting a good turnout, 22 people who have said they are coming at this point, and some bringing are guests! I asked him to keep us all together, in ONE BAY, to which he agreed. He also agreed to give us a bit of a price break, $20 for two shooters to share a lane. So $10 bucks each.

Please just partner up with whoever is next to you or whatever on your arrival at the range and tell the range personnel at the check-in counter that you are with the group from OSA to get the discount. We need to share a lane amongst ourselves, two people per lane in general. There just aren't enough lanes for us to have a lane all to ourselves this time. Each shooter will get one free target of your choice too.

The range opens at 10:00 AM; it's better if everyone can try to get there when it opens so we can get in and hog the place before the unwashed masses of non-OSA people start showing up. Again, Mike said he will keep us all together in one bay, so since there are 12 lanes in a bay, we will probably take it all anyway.

Once checked in, proceed to your assigned lane, eyes and ears on, and hang your targets and get your stuff ready. You may commence firing as soon as you are checked in and ready. Big Boys almost always has an RSO in each bay. In addition to normal range rules, there are these two other rules to be aware of:
1. No range bags or shooting stuff allowed along the back wall. It is a bit of a hassle, but you have to keep all your stuff in your lane behind you; there is a line on the floor, just heed that point please. (They had an idiot go get a loaded pistol out of his bag along the back wall awhile back and he negligently popped one off into the concrete floor. One person was slightly hurt, I understand, by concrete chips. It could have been much worse).

2. DO NOT move guns from one lane to another. We like to shoot each others guns at these ENS things; so the shooter simply goes to the lane where the gun is that he wants to shoot, not bring the gun to his lane. They simply don't want people moving guns all over the place. People move to the guns, not guns moving to the people. It is always good range etiquette to make sure you ask before you just pick up some gun lying on the bench and start blasting away. Please police each other to avoid having the RSO get on our group. We don't want them saying those guys from OSA sure are idiots after we leave.

There is no formal structure to an ENS beyond adhering to the safety rules. Just shoot, shoot your guns, shoot my guns, shoot each other's guns and shoot the bull with the others there. You may tell lies, BS, brag, whine etc. (just like we do here on the forum). Make sure you introduce yourself to others from OSA there. One of the really cool things at an ENS is putting faces to screen names. Don't be shy!

I have targets made up for the "One Shot Challenge." I will run the iron sight category, and Ron, (@mightymouse) will run the scoped rifle category. You'll find us; so just come up and take your best shot! Each shooter will shoot this event using my CZ 455 with iron sights and Ron's CZ 452 with a scope, so it's fair. We will also provide the ammo for this. Winners will be announced after we all get done shooting.

We will shoot until approximately 12:00 - 12:15, then the plan is to head down the road to Del Rancho on Highway 152 about 1/2 mile west of Mustang Road on the south side to eat and continue to tell lies, BS, make excuses, and brag. Of course, the Del Rancho part is totally up to you, but in my past experience at these, the EAT part of an ENS is where the fun really is, so I hope everyone will join us for lunch. I did go by there this morning too and gave them a heads up that we were going to descend on them for lunch aboiut 12:30-12:45 after we got done shooting. I told them I would call them with a pretty close head count for lunch around 11:30 AM. They are excited to have us come and promised that we will get good service and good eats. They have hosted us before and did fine.

Feel free to take time off from shooting if you like, and wander over to the retail side. They have a lot of cool mil-surp stuff as well as the normal LGS guns and ammo and accessories and such for us to buy. I spend a LOT of money down there but don't tell my wife! If you do go over to the retail side, just ask one of our group to keep an eye on your gear in the Gun Range side.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you there; all the old hands from previous ENS things we've done, and those who haven't been to one before. You will have a great time and make some instant friends on Sunday.
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