Practical Rifle match at OKCGC

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Apr 24, 2009
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Oklahoma City
OKCGC Practical Rifle Match, May 25th
We will be having a practical rifle match this Saturday at OKCGC Action pistol range in the USPSA bays. Sign in starting at 9am and match start at 10am. This match will be similar to a USPSA match in design and administration, with a cold range format and USPSA safety rules.
In order to get the match underway on time, timely check-in is very important.
Registration closes at 10; we cannot accommodate late arrivals.
Register for the match > ( NOTE: Pre-registration is not required but it helps get things underway in a timely manner.
Divisions are based on caliber in order to simplify categorization of the very large number of common caliber guns suitable for use in this type match. This is meant to be safe, fast, fun, and very easy for anyone that has shot 3-Gun or USPSA to step right into, but we will do a shooter briefing before the match begins.
• Rimfire-.22LR, magazine-fed
• PCC- pistol caliber carbines, pistol caliber SBRs, and SMGs with semi-auto function
• Light carbine/rifle- 5.45mm/5.56mm/7.62x39mm/300BLK
• Battle rifle- 6.5CM and larger
Guns must be magazine fed or receiver fed (stripper clips, en bloc clips, receiver side loading port typical of lever action guns). Lever action guns fed at muzzle end not allowed.
Scoring: Hit factor scoring will be used, with two hits per target required for rimfire, PCC, and light carbine. Battle rifle requires one hit per target and will be scored at twice the value of the impacted scoring zone. USPSA rules will be used for misses and procedurals.
Cost is $20 for non-members, $15 for Club members.
We will be shooting 5-6 stages all in our pistol bays (so all short range). Total round count is expected to be approximately 150 rounds
Contact Mitch Gibson at
[email protected] (mailto:[email protected])

or 405-365-3244 for questions or information.

These matches are close, fast shooting, similar to what you see on your favorite YouTube gun-tuber shows like Garand Thumb or TRex Arms channels. Fast and furious, medium size bays, 180 degrees of freedom. Every match features a stage that is a variation on the Mozambique drill. Round count is 150ish not counting make-up shots. AKs vs AR-15s, battle rifles vs battle rifles, 22s and PCCs for cheaper fun. Walls, port windows, positional shooting, shooting on the move, no-shoots (what you would consider a hostage target), all the goods.

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