Keystone Arms disappointed me today,,,

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Jul 30, 2010
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Keystone Arms disappointed me today.

Several years back they introduced a coming line of mil-surp reproductions,,,
Based on their very serviceable Crickett frame.

Russian Nagant rifles were all the rage at that time,,,
So they made that repro their first release,,,
Cute, ain't it.

I saw one and was quite amazed by it,,,
It looked just like the big rifle.

They announced that they would also make,,,
K98 Mauser
1903 Springfield
Others I forget.

I e-mailed them and they told me,,,
The next release would be the K98 Mauser.

I go to their website every few months to look,,,
And see if they have released the Mini K98.

I own a WW-II bring back K98 Mauser,,,
So I got all excited about matching their single-shot lookalike with mine.

Covid delayed everything about the production of these rifles,,,
So every few months or so I go to their website to check,,,
Today I went there and was disappointed to find,,,
They decided to release the 1903 instead.

Dang their lyin' eyes.

I wanted to gift the pair of rifles to my best friend,,,
He named his 5th kid (of seven) after me,,,
I thought this would be a perfect gift.

I had originally thought I would get a K98 Trainer in .22 LR,,,
Having that matched up with the 8mm seemed fitting,,,
But I could never find a clean affordable one,,,
The Mini-K98 just seemed perfect.

So now I'll just have to be patient,,,
I just hope the kid isn't too old by that time.

Oh well,,,
Just another of life's annoying frustrations.




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